Thursday, February 4, 2016

GIS.lab Web - New Generation QGIS Web and Mobile Interface

Last year, GIS.lab team has decided to start a development of brand new version of our GIS web publishing interface known as GIS.lab Web. Our goal is to have a web application built on top of modern technologies, with very modern UI, optimized for mobile devices. Also, we want to build a hybrid Android application from the same code base, but with native UI interface. All of this standing on the shoulders of our favourite QGIS desktop and server software.

We have realized very soon, that if we would separate this project from the core GIS.lab system, we can produce generally usable QGIS web interface, usable with or without GIS.lab infrastructure. Maybe, even replace current version of QGIS Web Client.

This week, first alpha version of GIS.lab Web was born.

For a quick look, see the screenshots below,

GIS.lab Web

watch our short screencast,

GIS.lab Web

or try it yourself.

Thanks to all helping this happen. Looking forward for any feedback.

GIS.lab Web on GitHub -

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