Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Waiting for GIS.lab 0.3

GIS.lab 0.3 is going to be released in a few days. Here is a list of some interesting new features.

VirtualBox client support

Since 0.3, it will be possible to boot regular GIS.lab client session in VirtualBox and run it in full screen mode or in windowed mode along with applications of your favorite operating system (Linux, Windows, Mac).

Built-in IRC server

To allow effective communication between all GIS.lab users without a need of Internet connection, version 0.3 will provide built-in IRC server and prepared #gislab chat room.

Launching empty WebGIS project

Until now, WebGIS project was always based on some existing QGIS project. It means, that you had to create at least some basic skeleton of your project in QGIS, before it was possible to publish it on web.
Since 0.3, it will be possible to launch empty WebGIS project by visiting URL http://web.gis.lab in web browser or via applications menu GIS.lab > Empty WebGIS project. Empty WebGIS project will be automatically loaded with OSM and Google base maps and it will be prepared to start capturing initial data for your new project.

Data capturing and sharing in WebGIS

By my opinion, best new feature of 0.3 are improved data capturing tools, which allow to draw points, lines and polygons on top of WebGIS layers. All drawings are saved forever in GIS.lab database under unique ID and can be shared along with whole map via Permalink.


Simplified publishing of QGIS project in WebGIS

In 0.3 we have created QGIS plugin, which allows very simple publishing of created QGIS project to WebGIS. It provides possibility to choose desired base layers (OSM, Google) and automatically detects visible layers, zoom extent and used list of scales and more.

Detailed changelog can be seen here.