Thursday, November 28, 2013

GIS.lab 0.2 released

I have released GIS.lab version 0.2. This is a first major version which completes major ideas of this project. On this occasion I have also created simple web site.

Changes from version 0.1

  • renaming project to 'GIS.lab'
  • adding possibility to configure GIS.lab via configuration files (config.cfg, config-user.cfg)
  • adding possibility to restrict client machines by MAC address
  • refactoring of file sharing directory structure
  • adding possibility to mount external network storage on client machines
  • adding example data and QGIS project file
  • adding 'Conky' widget to client desktop, removing session manager from panel
  • adding support for custom projections configuration (added S-JTSK Krovak East/North).
  • adding WebGIS application for automatic QGIS project publication on web (formerly known as WMS Viewer)
  • adding additional software like Gimp, Inkscape, Google Earth ...
  • documentation update

Release notes

Sometimes after shutting down GIS.lab server ($ vagrant halt) it is not possible to launch it again ($ vagrant up). The reason is that GRUB boot loader is endlessly waiting for manual input.
To solve this problem shut down server machine using VirtualBox Manager GUI and uncomment line 'v.gui = true' in 'Vagrantfile' file. Start GIS.lab server again ($ vagrant up) and press ENTER in server's GUI console to boot.

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